My name is Gail Mulczynski.  My daughter’s name is Megan Mulczynski.  I’m tired of hiding my head in the sand.  I am weary of being the keeper of secrets.  This is my story.  It is written partly as a rebuttal to my ex-husband’s blog titled, but mainly as a witness that unbelievable abuse does occur in this day and age.  It occurs in seemingly “happy, normal,” families of various classes. My story is not filled with half-truths, guesses of occurrences, or lies.  It is my true history.  It is not a complete history, of course, because of lack of time and space.
What you will read may seem unbelievable.  In earlier days other types of abuse such as incest and abuse within the Catholic church were not thought to be possible or true either.  Victimization, brainwashing, ritual abuse torture, exists in our society in average households and average families, not only in prisoner-of-war situations.  If you read or hear the news, there are situations of abuse by clergy, cult-like abuse situations, recent report of Austrian father who kept adult daughter captive in his basement, etc…. My story, as personal as it is, needs to be told even if people choose not to believe.  I believe one day, the current and future generations will be forced to face these atrocities and deal with the unbelievable.  Here is the condensed version of my story.

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