The following timeline presents a detailed outline of my past.  Please read all the sections in their entirety, (not only the timeline), in order to gain a full understanding of what can and did occur in a seemingly “normal” family life situation; and to glean knowledge of what has occurred in both Germany and America when Megan spoke of being abused and is not believed.

1957                             I was born into dysfunctional family.  My family members were abusive towards me.

1977                            I met Tom at the age of 20.  I proceeded to live with him off and on until we were married.  I no longer was a practicing Catholic.  Tom was an atheist.  The abuse I endured by my family                                       members made me vulnerable to Tom and his need for power and control over me.  I became a domestic prisoner of Tom’s – a psychological captive adult.

1978                                  I lived with Tom in California.

1980’s                         Kathy Cannon Pranschke and Tom had an affair.  Tom promised to end affair and not abuse me if I                                     marry him.  Naively, I believed him.

11/20/84                      Tom and I were married.

1985                            Tom began career as a GS (civil service) employee working for the U.S. Air Force.  We moved from                                       Chicago to live by Scott AFB, IL.

1989-1993                   Lived in Germany for the first time.  Tom’s control over me continued.  I was isolated from friends                                            and family.  I had to report what I did each day in detail to Tom, including minute physical details.                                            The abuse was regular.  I lived in fear.

1993-1998                   Lived in IL close to St. Louis, MO.

09/30/94                      Megan was born.  (Tom was not abusive to me during the pregnancy.  I hope the abuse had ended.                                               That was not the case.  The abuse continued and became worse after Megan was born.)

1997                                 I returned to the Catholic Church.  Tom follows.

Jan. 1998                     Megan was baptized in the Catholic Church.

May, 1998                   Megan, Tom, and I moved to Germany.  We rented a house in an isolated area.

Between 1998 and Nov. 2003            The abuse continued.  Tom was a human trafficker of Megan and I.  He brought                                                    people into our home for them to use us as sexual and torture objects, and to participate in deviant                                           religious practices.  Tom had become an expert at abusing me and torturing me without leaving                                                   marks.  The abuse was nightly.  I was a prisoner.

During the abuse, Tom would hurt Megan more if I did not obey him and he would hurt me more if Megan did not obey him.  Tom also told me he would kill Megan and make it look as though I killed her if I did not obey him or if I told anyone of the abuse and torture.

To say I lived in terror of my husband would be a gross understatement.  This fear of Tom, the probability  I would not be believed if I told of the abuse, and the pain of my daughter’s and my situation caused me to subconsciously put aside memories of the abuse in order to survive the nightly abuse and to deal with everyday life.

Tom exerted total power and control over my daughter and me via the abuse, the torture, and the mind control techniques.  He was able to use the these methods to satisfy his perverse sexual desires; to satisfy his needs to receive pleasure through someone’s extreme pain, humiliation and dehumanization; to profit from the videotaping of the abuse, the rituals, and the torture (and to use those films on the Internet); and, finally, to protect himself and the other perpetrators.

Tom was well versed in methods of non-state torture which is defined as torture committed by a parent, spouse, kin, neighbor,  trusted adults, or strangers.   Torture exists in homes as well as prisoner-of-war detention centers.  Michigan is one of the first states to make a law against torture in the home.

Before Aug. 2002                    I met with Fr. Kevin Randall (an Air Force reservist) for reconciliation and spiritual                                                                           guidance several times over a lengthy period.  He recommended Fr. Tom Doyle when I                                                                     mentioned my concerns regarding alcohol.

Aug. 2002                                  Met with Fr. Tom Doyle.  Referred to him by Fr. Kevin Randall.

Nov. 2002                   Began counseling with Fr. Marcantonio (a Catholic priest and a marriage and family therapist                                                         licensed in VA).  (I was referred to Fr. Marcantonio by Fr. Tom Doyle.)  I started to tell Fr.                                                             Marcantonio of the abuse I suffered at the hands of my family of origin.  At no time was hypnosis                                                  used in my therapy.

Dec. 2002                    I stopped alcohol usage.  (I very seldom drank any alcohol when Tom was TDY or out of town.)

Spring? 2003                I consulted with Dr. Susan Hendricks (Army colonel psychiatrist) regarding depression.  I started                                               taking Celexa which is the only drug besides thyroid medication that I took daily.  I took Celexa at                                             the lowest dosage possible and for over a year.

Summer 2003               Megan received her black belt in Karate Tech.  She attended Karate Tech classes regularly (usually                                              twice a week) for years.  Tom also has a black belt in Karate Tech.

Summer 2003               I spoke to my siblings regarding past abuse history and I cut off contact with them.

Aug. 2003                    I voluntarily went to psych facility in St. Louis, MO for five days for depression.

Fall 2003                      I continued to share my history of abuse with Fr. Marcantonio in therapy and deal with PTSD.  The                                             PTSD is a result of the abuse and torture.  By November, 2003, it was apparent that the abuse was                                               ongoing (and not in the past).  I was then able to face the fact that Megan was abused also. It was                                                 imperative that I protect my daughter from further abuse.  I was terrified of disobeying my                                                           husband and of the consequences of being disloyal to him.  After he was no longer residing in the                                                 house, I hoped Megan and I would be safe if I reported the abuse and the perpetrators to the                                                         authorities.  Naively, I hoped the authorities would believe both Megan and myself.

During this time period, I withdrew around $40,000 from our joint accounts.  Tom and I had around $100,000 in our joint accounts.  Tom had the means to support himself.  I was the stay-at-home wife and homeschooling mother.  We also had a 401K of about $100,000.  At this point, Tom and I had been married for 19 years.  I did not take even half of our money – due to misplaced loyalty, fairness, or fear.


Nov. 2003                   The first meeting with Fr. Marcantonio and Dr. Susan Hendricks (U.S. Army psychiatrist) was held                                                to confront Tom regarding his abuse towards me.

Nov. 2003                   Second meeting was held with Fr. Marcantonio, Dr. Susan Hendricks, Tom, and myself this time.                                                   Tom was forced into giving me the keys to the house.  (My car was packed and I was prepared to                                                 have Megan and I go to battered women shelter.)

Late 2003-2004            Abuse was reported to authorities.  Tom is civil service employee.  German police have                                                                    jurisdiction.  OSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) investigated.  Megan and I were                                                          advised to keep abuse secret so the OSI could have element of surprise; therefore, Megan and I                                                    did not tell German Youth Authorities or court appointed supervised visitation therapist of the                                                   abuse.

Megan was interviewed by the OSI in a base hotel room by OSI agent.  (If we had been U.S. military, child interview experts would have been called in to interview Megan.  Instead an agent interviewed Megan in the billeting room with a huge camera set in the corner facing Megan and the couch.)  Taped interview was sent to military psychologist in the States who said Megan was not emotional enough and that the abuse probably did not occur.

I scheduled an exam for Megan for sexual abuse at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center by an Army pediatrician.  Unfortunately once again because we were not military, Megan could not travel to the U.S. to be examined by professionals in the field of child sexual abuse.  The exam was inconclusive which means that the results did not prove that sexual abuse did occur and it did not prove that sexual abuse did not occur.  A child’s body at that age heals quickly.  The pediatrician explained to me in detail that a child’s exam can easily be inconclusive which does not mean that the abuse did not happen.  (At the time, the current newer SANE exam was not available.)

Tom took custody and divorce matters to German court.

Summer of 2004            Megan had two supervised visitations with her father.  The Landstuhl court judge ruled that the                                                   visitation must be at Herr Stefan’s office which is the same office that Tom’s therapist of a short                                                      period was located and was the boss.

Rules were set up.  (At this point, Megan and I were told not to tell Herr Stefan of the abuse so that the OSI could have the element of surprise for the investigation.)  Tom disregarded one of the visitation rules by pulling the earphones from Megan’s ears and the supervised visitations are discontinued.

Tom discovered OSI investigation and contacted OSI himself.

Megan reported abuse perpetrated by Fr. Kevin Randall to Fr. Brubaker.

Dec. 9, 2004                German court (City of Landstuhl, Germany) gave custody of Megan to Tom.  I left courtroom with                                              Megan and hide for five days.  My German attorney was able to get the ruling set aside.  Physical                                                  custody remained with me while the custody decision was appealed.

Jan. 19, 2005               Megan started counseling with Dr. Theodore Masino (Ramstein Air Base.)  I was not a patient of Dr.                                             Masino.  I spoke with him very little and mainly with Megan in the room.  During the first                                                                  appointment I was in the room for 15-20 minutes.

Feb. 14, 2005              Megan had appointment with Dr. Masino.  Soon into counseling Megan told me she does not                                                          believe Dr. Masino believes her when she speaks of the abuse.

(My notes:  I discover too late that Dr. Masino does not believe her.)

Feb. 28, 2005              Masino’s notes show discussion of my having Munchausen by Proxy.

Feb. 28, 2005              Masino’s notes show Masino spoke with Tom.

Mar. 4, 2005                Masino’s notes show it is possible I have possible factitious disorder by proxy.  Dr. Forbes involved.

(My notes:  Dr. Forbes was Masino’s coworker and superior.  He also had a daughter who took and possibly still takes classes from Jorge Ordonio, the Karate Tech teacher who Megan reported abused her.)

Mar. 9, 2005                Masino’s notes.  Masino consults with Capt. Hoffman.

Mar. 10, 2005              Masino’s notes show I possibly could be diagnosed with parental alienation syndrome or                                                                 Munchausen by proxy.

Mar. 11, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Case Staffing.  Father seen today.  Emotional abuse by mother.  Get ROI from                                                        Susan Hendricks.

(My notes:  Dr. Hendricks also had a child who took Karate Tech classes from Jorge Ordonio, one of the perpetrators that Megan reported.)

Mar. 11, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Masino sees father.  He writes minister is practicing illegally and unethically.                                                        Letter to LRMC Commander.  (Report it to Family Advocacy Program – Air Force (FAP).  PAS is                                                  emotional abuse.)

(My notes:  See Dr. Pontzer’s statement of  January 7, 2008 which notes that PAS is not a recognized diagnosis by the American Psychiatric Association and the DSM-IV-TR makes no mention of it.)

Mar. 14, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Appt.  Megan is not believed.  PAS/MBP

Mar. 17, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Captain Jones, the MDG Captain.  PTSD – inappropriate for pastoral counseling.                                                   Would refer to LSSC.

Mar. 18, 2005              Masino’s notes. Case staffing.  Emotional abuse by mother.  Will contact FAP.

Mar. 21, 2005              Masino’s notes.  FAP discussion (MBP & PAS concerns).  The decision is made by Dr. Masino to                                                     TAKE CHILD FROM MOTHER’S CARE, PUT MEGAN IN FACILITY, AND THEN TO DAD.

(My notes:  That decision was made months before Megan and I even met with Dr. Brunger (German child psychiatrist) for evaluation.  That decision was made before my psych evaluation by Dr. Fees which was on June 8, 2005.  The German court system had jurisdiction, not the American military system.)

Mar. 22, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Lt. Col. Arreola – legal – German law

Mar. 23, 2005              Masino’s notes.   Dr. Brown consult (family practice)  beaten with whips would leave marks

Mar. 23, 2005              Masino’s notes.   Vanessa Brousseau – German law into English

Mar. 23, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Talk with Father.

Mar. 23, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Spoke with father – his permission to continue therapy with Megan.  Emotional                                                   abuse (FA).  Shared Psychotic Disorder

(My notes:  within four or five visits with Megan, Masino gave Megan the diagnosis of Shared Psychotic Disorder.)

Apr. 1, 2005                Masino’s notes.  Case staff – Comm. Chap. USAFE

Apr. 27, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Appt.   (patient should be removed from mother, to facility, then to dad).

Apr. 28, 2005             Masino’s notes.  German law re: speaking with father

Apr 28, 2005               Masino’s notes.  Spoke with Frau Kramer (German Youth Authority).  Kramer told Masino to write                                             letter.

Apr. 29, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Case staffing – talked to German Youth Authority (Kramer).  Judge will probably                                                 be contacted.

Apr. 29, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Spoke with Father re:  Youth Authority (PCS concerns of father)

May 6, 2005                Masino’s notes.  Case staffing – Slezak, Masino  Letter to German judge regarding mother.

May 11, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Appt.

May 12, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Spoke with Lt. Col Arreola – legal concerns.  (Conference call with FAP in San Antonio?)

May 13, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Case Staffing  (Forbes, Masino).  Shared psychotic disorder.  Factitious d/o by                                                     proxy.  Consult. scheduled with FAP – San Antonio.

May 16, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Arreola and Major Colasanti – MH Fl. Com. – Lakenheath.  Legal frustrations.

May 19, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Contact Col. Behring re: Tom’s PCS, etc..

May 20, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Appt.

Late May, 2005            I rented an apartment in a German village.  I returned to the work force after many years of being                                              a stay-at-home wife and homeschooling mother.  Megan and I lived in the apartment for over a                                                    year.

Megan continued to be home schooled, played on a soccer team, participated in children’s choir, and other activities.  We had many friends and a wonderful support system.  Megan stayed with a few families when I worked.  Two of the families have many children and Megan enjoyed herself.

June 6, 2005                Masino’s notes.  Appt.

JUN. 8, 2005               I had my 1-1/2 hour psych evaluation by German psychiatrist, Dr. Fees.  The German psychiatrist                                             did not speak English and the evaluation was conducted through an interpreter.  (Frau Kramer of                                               the German Youth Authority was in touch with Dr. Masino before my psych evaluation by Dr. Fees                                           and had been in contact via at least one letter to Dr. Fees.)  Dr. Fees diagnoses me with paranoid                                                  schizophrenia.

Summer 2005               Dr. Nassif (Army psychiatrist) was the person I saw for Celexa (depression med) after Dr.                                                                Hendricks and Dr. Swanton moved.  I was not in therapy with Dr. Nassif.  I chose to get an                                                              evaluation from Dr. Nassif’s office and I was evaluated by Dr. Jones.  Dr. Jones gave me a MMPI?                                                test one day and the Rorschach (inkblot) test the next day.  Dr. Nassif thought I may be                                                                    delusional.  I thought I was going to a non-bias American psych evaluation only to find out in                                                      2008 that

Dr. Nassif had already been in contact with Dr. Masino who had already made his                                                           diagnosis of “shared psychotic disorder” months earlier.

(Please see two declarations of Dr.                                                           Pontzer, Acting Chief of Inpatient Psychiatry at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center which                                                               disputes Dr. Nassif’s diagnosis and the diagnosis of the two German experts – Dr. Fees and Dr.                                                       Brunger – who would not be considered eligible experts in the United States.)

June 20, 2005             Masino’s notes.  Appt.

July 7, 2005                 Masino’s notes.  Appt.  Keep child in therapy so mother does not flee.

July 8, 2005                 Masino’s notes.  Case staffing.  Masino, Forbes, Slezak.

July 11, 2005               Masino’s notes.  Father gives copy of mother’s psych evaluation (Fees).  Treatment letter.

July 11, 2005               Masino’s notes.  Consult with Maj. Green, 435 MDE SGH

July 20, 2005               Masino’s notes.  Consult with Nassif  (Nassif thinks delusional, not schizophrenia)

July 20, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Appt.  (Will also tell Nassif)

Aug. 2005                    Agent Verenbec (OSI agent on the case and also in contact with Dr. Masino without my knowledge) called me at work to inform me that Tom was trying to get in touch with me regarding my car.  I have never understood why Agent Verenbec (a busy OSI investigator) would be using his time to contact me on Tom’s behalf regarding an issue about our car.

Aug. 2005                    Tom returned to the United States to take a job on the East coast.

Aug. 04, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Lt. Col. Arreola — talk about involuntarily committing mother

Aug. 05, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Appt.

Aug. 24, 2005              Masino’s notes.  Appt.  (Not reporting Fr. Marc at this time and not confronting delusional system with Megan)

Sept. 16, 2005              Masino’s notes.  I ENDED COUNSELING FOR MEGAN.  (He writes of Megan’s current, ongoing abuse by mother.)

Nov. 15, 2005             Megan and I had the first visit for the evaluation by the German child psychiatrist, Dr. Brunger.  An interpreter was present, but Dr. Brunger did speak English.

Dec. 7, 2005                Masino’s notes.   Treatment summary for Tom re: Megan.

Dec. 9, 2005                Masino’s notes.  Treatment summary completed.

Dec. 16, 2005              Dr. Brunger (German child psychiatrist) spoke via phone with Tom.

Dec. 27, 2005              Dr. Brunger spoke with Dr. Masino.

Jan. 10, 2006              Masino’s notes.  Agent Verenbec (OSI)

Jan. 12, 2006               Masino’s notes.  Agent Verenbec picked up patient summary.

Jan. 14, 2007               Megan’s handwritten statement.  (See documents.)

Jan. 20, 2006               Megan and I went to Dr. Brunger’s office for the second appointment for the psych evaluation.  Megan noticed and always commented that Dr. Brunger’s reaction to her was different on January 20, 2006, than it was on November 15, 2005.  She knew Brunger had spoken with her father in the interim and she was correct.  He had also spoken with Masino.

Jan. 24, 2006              Masino’s notes.  Spoke with Agent Verenbec

Jan. 31, 2006               Dr. Brunger spoke with Fr. Marcantonio.

Dr. Brunger also spoke with the German Youth Authority although I do not know the date.

Feb. 3, 2006                Megan and I went to Dr. Brunger’s office for the third, last, and shortest appointment to complete the psych evaluation.  His entire evaluation consisted of a total of 6 or 7 hours.

Apr. 28, 2006              Masino’s notes.   Congressional Liaison at LRMC with mother’s request for records.  Contacts Fl. Comm. Major Bowes.  Will not release records:  1) harmful to Megan; 2) mother is incompetent.  Contact Major Green (SGH).  Captain Johnson – med legal.

July, 2006                    Dr. Brunger’s report was given to my German lawyer.  I met with him in his office and he translates verbally some or most of the report.  I am informed that it is still okay for me to return to the United States.  My lawyer also told me that we had until August 1, 2006 to respond because that is the court date.  My lawyer told me that the German appeals court (Zweibrucken) will most probably, almost undoubtedly, follow the recommendations in Dr. Brunger’s report which is to remove Megan from my care, have the German Kusel Youth Authority take custody, put Megan into a German psych facility, with the idea of giving custody to her father eventually.  Dr. Brunger recommended I still have visitation with Megan (although supervised).


July 13, 2006               I found out via email from my German attorney that Megan might be picked up sooner than August 1.  The court plans to give custody to the German Youth Authority to put Megan in a German psych facility with the probability of custody eventually given to her father.  Megan is now 11 years old and does not speak German.  She tells me she would run away from the German institution.  She did not want to go with her father.

I speak with an American Army attorney who says that if the law is similar to America, I have not been served with papers and I should be able to return to America.

I left my apartment, my belongings, my job, forfeited alimony, my financial and material security, and left Germany in order to protect my daughter.  I reported the abuse to the authorities.  I had been told the German police would not investigate Tom for the abuse because he was out of Germany as of Aug. 2005.  As far as I knew, the OSI report was never completely translated from English to German.  There was nothing else I could do as a mother to protect my child.  I fled to my home country – America.

July 19, 2006               Masino’s notes.  Dr. Hoffman, Mutterhaus.  Treatment summary sent to Hoffman.

July 19, 2006              Masino’s notes.  Tricare, etc..

July 19, 2006               Masino’s notes.  Masino spoke with Brunger and Kramer (Youth Auth.)  Plan to take Megan to Trier.  Inspector Remaley (569 SFS) to go along (Agent Verenbec’s replacement?)

Dec. 2006                    I enrolled Megan into All Saints Catholic School in Spokane, WA.  It was the first time she had attended school.  She adjusted well both academically and socially.  She was receiving A’s both in seventh and eight grade.

2006-2007                   I was in contact with lawyers as soon as I arrived in the United States.  I contacted domestic violence shelters to no avail.  Megan had recently gotten her own attorney in the State of Washington before we were discovered in November, 2007.  We had hoped to find a legal way via the courts to solve the situation we were in.

Mar. 2007                    The German court granted full to custody to Tom.  I did not know that yet.

Nov. 23, 2007             Megan and I are discovered at Sacred Heart Hospital.  Megan was taken to a secure facility and I was taken to the County Jail on first degree custodial interference charges.   This was the last time I have contact with Megan.

Nov. 26, 2007             There was a court hearing in Spokane regarding jurisdiction while I was still being held in custody at the jail.  Megan was returned to the C.R.C. pending a shelter care hearing scheduled for 11/27/08.

Nov. 27, 2007             Megan’s declaration to the Washington State Superior court.  She wrote of one occasion of the abuse by her father and also said, “Meanwhile, I was interviewed by the OSI at age 9 and Dr. Masino at age 10.  I was hurt when I discovered by therapist (Masino) was in contact with my dad without my knowledge.  Plus, I talked to Dr. Brunger at age 11.  None of them believed me, however which is part of the reason why I’m having a difficult time writing this letter.  I wonder if this statement will make any difference, because people have not believed my story.”

Nov. 27, 2007             Dependency Petition for Washington State Juvenile Court signed by Megan.  (See copy.)  Hearing date was postponed and was never held.  Megan was taken by her father.

Nov. 28, 2007             Megan (now 13 years old) was taken from the secure facility by her father and girlfriend before the new court date.  He hired two bodyguards to escort Megan with wrist restraints for the entire trip from Spokane, WA, to Falls Church, VA.  He put Megan into Dominion Hospital (psych facility).

Nov. 28, 2007             I was visited in jail by a CPS (child protective services) worker who told me her father was allowed to take Megan.  It was the first time I have any contact with CPS employee except for a few minutes on Nov. 23, 2007, when we were discovered.

Nov. 28, 2007             At midnight I was released from County Jail after my 72 hour hold without charges being pressed.  (I was in jail for more than 72 hours due to the weekend days.)

Nov. 28, 2007 until

Jan. 2008                     Megan stayed in Dominion Hospital (psych facility) speaking of the abuse and not wanting to see her father at family meetings.

Dec. 18, 2007              Tom got a VA protective order on me to stay away from him and  Megan.  I was in my family law attorney in Spokane for the hearing.  I had a lawyer representing me in the VA court.  I was ready to testify via telephone.  As my lawyer and I listened to Tom testify in Falls Church, VA courtroom, the phone was disconnected.  The VA judge decided I do not need to testify.  He knew there was a court hearing in WA state and decided to grant Tom the protective order until Dec. 16, 2008 or until a custody court rules otherwise.

Dec. 27, 2007              Dr. Pontzer’s (Asst. Chief of Inpatient Psychiatry at Landstuhl

Regional Medical Center on that date) declaration to Washington State court stating that I am/was not delusion.  I did not meet the criteria.  (See document.)

Dec. 31, 2007              Fr. Marcantonio’s declaration to the Washington State court.

Jan. 2008                     I was finally able to get copies of Dr. Masino’s notes regarding Megan’s case.  The copies I received not necessarily the complete set.

Jan. 7, 2008                 Dr. Pontzer’s (Acting Chief of Inpatient Psychiatry at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center on this date) supplementary declaration to Washington State Court stating that the German psychiatrists, Dr. Fees and Dr. Brunger would not meet the requirement of experts in the United States of America.  He also points out that the interviews were conducted with the use of a translator and that it is hard to know if the exact meaning is being sent.  Plus, there are factual errors and inconsistencies in the report from Dr. Fees.

Dr. Pontzer also points out that PAS is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as well as other points.  (See document.)

Jan. 9, 2008                 Jurisdiction in Washington State was denied.

Contempt charges were not held against Tom for taking Megan out of State without the hearing.

Jan. 2008                     Megan was given a choice by her father to go to a residential (psych) treatment center or go with him.  Megan chose the psych facility which is the Virginia Treatment Center for Children (VTCC) in Richmond, Virginia.  She was given a SANE exam which does not show abuse.  The abuse Megan suffered occurred four years before the SANE exam was given and that it much too late for it to prove abuse did not occur.

Jan. 22 or 23, 2008            Child in Needs of Services petition was filed in VA by Pam Indahl, Megan’s Spokane attorney and the hearing was held in VA.  I traveled to VA.  Megan was not allowed to testify or be in court.  The judge ruled that Megan is not in need of any services.  Tom has full custody with no interference or monitoring from anyone or any agency.

Mar. 2008                    My pro bono criminal attorney notified me that charges have been filed against me for first degree custodial interference.  I had  remained in Spokane.  I voluntarily turned myself into custody.

Apr. 11, 2008              I remained in jail for 19 days.  Bail is originally set at $250,000.  I was eventually let out on my own recognizance with a list of stipulations.

June 30, 2008              My first pretrial was held.  A continuance was set for August 22, 2008.

Summer, 2008              Megan was released from Virginia Treatment Center for Children.  She is residing with Tom, her father, the man who has abused her.

July, 2008                    A public defender was assigned to my case.

Aug. 22, 2008              My second pretrial was held.

Nov. 21, 2008             Next pretrial date with trial scheduled for Dec. 1, 2008.

Nov. 23, 2008             One year since Megan has been allowed to speak or write to me, her mother.

Please note that the preceding dates are as accurate as possible.

Revised on September 1, 2008

1 Comment

Clement Marcantonio said,

September 27, 2008 at 4:15 pm · Edit

Your story is both a story of pain and of hope as well. The detailed reconstruction attests to the truth of your story and Megan’s, and to the extraordinary strength of character and moral fiber that has sustained you throughout the entire ordeal. While your story borders on the unbelievable side of human experience, the fact that you have prevailed despite the unsurmountable odds against you, being defenseless and captive within a cruel system, makes you truly a survivor and your story a source of inspiration especially to those who find themselves caught within the trap of ritualistic abuse. On positive note, the best is yet to come! You have earned the respect of all those who have known you and you have every reason to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I congratulate you on your tremendous work of self-reconstruction and I pledge my genuine support. Peace!

Clement Marcantonio

1 Comment

  1. Clement Marcantonio said,

    September 27, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    Your story is both a story of pain and of hope as well. The detailed reconstruction attests to the truth of your story and Megan’s, and to the extraordinary strength of character and moral fiber that has sustained you throughout the entire ordeal. While your story borders on the unbelievable side of human experience, the fact that you have prevailed despite the unsurmountable odds against you, being defenseless and captive within a cruel system, makes you truly a survivor and your story a source of inspiration especially to those who find themselves caught within the trap of ritualistic abuse. On positive note, the best is yet to come! You have earned the respect of all those who have known you and you have every reason to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I congratulate you on your tremendous work of self-reconstruction and I pledge my genuine support. Peace!

    Clement Marcantonio

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