UPDATE as of JANUARY 10, 2010

UPDATE  as of JANUARY 10, 2010

Today my goal is to succinctly update my website.  Much has occurred since September, 2008.

After September 30, 2008, I retained Mr. Alan Rosenfeld, from Colorado, as my attorney to work with Mr. Steven Reich, my public defender in Spokane, Washington.  Alan Rosenfeld is an experienced nationally known attorney who represents victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  I was fortunate enough to raise donations for the legal fees I incurred.  Alan Rosenfeld and Steve Reich worked extremely well together to present my defense on the charge of first degree custodial interference.

My trial was held in July, 2009.  On July 31, 2009, the jury was hung.  After waiting the entire 90 days, on November 9, 2009, the Spokane Deputy Prosecuting Attorney,  Ms. Stefanie Collins, dismissed the charges against me.   (See the  “Order of Dismissal”.)

As in many trials, what is admissible in court was limited.  We were not allowed to speak of anything that happened to my daughter, Megan, after we were found in November, 2007 (when she was then 13 years old).  The fact that Megan was put into two psych facilities was not admissible and we were unable to call our expert witness, Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D.  We also were not able to address the ethical and legal issues involved regarding taking a child, institutionalizing her, and brainwashing the child to recant the abuse.

(A helpful link is:  http://www.leadershipcouncil.org/1/med/%20pr-2-09.html)

My daughter, Megan (almost 15 years old), did testify at my trial.  On July 31, 2009, the day after she testified, Judge O’Connor (on the request of the prosecutor and the prosecution’s office’s victim advocate) allowed Megan and I to meet for a short time with the prosecution’s office victim advocate present.  It was the first time I was allowed contact with my daughter since November, 2007.  Megan and I were glad to be reunited, although it was restrained.  I was able to ask Megan if any of the attorneys and psych personnel involved informed Megan that she could have been writing me letters during these twenty months.  The answer was no, Megan, did not know that.  The no contact order meant I could not contact my daughter, but it was okay for her to write to me.  It bothered me that my child did not know this and that no advocate for Megan informed her of this.

In the twenty months since I had seen my daughter, much had changed.  She was taken unwillingly to Virginia and placed in two different psych facilities – Dominion Hospital, then Virginia Treatment Center for Children (VTCC).  (Please read the narrative of my website.)  Megan was speaking of the abuse she suffered by her father when she went into the institutions.  After seven months of being cut off from all contact with me and being unfairly institutionalized, she came out of the psych facility now believing the abuse did not occur.  During her hospital stay, Megan had extremely limited contact with anyone in the outside world but her father.  A short time after the release from the VTCC, Megan attempted suicide and was taken back to Dominion Hospital for a short stay.  (Megan was never suicidal before she stayed in the psych facilities in Virginia.  In fact, before we were discovered in the end of November, 2007, Megan was a well adjusted child who had friends, did great in school, etc..)

Megan is now living with her father and his girlfriend in Virginia, brainwashed into believing the abuse did not occur, and having a seemingly normal life.

Once the trial ended in a hung jury, I was able to have contact with Megan.  We speak on the phone regularly now.  Megan originally did not speak of the abuse she suffered by her father until I separated from him in November 2003 and she no longer lived in his household.  Then she felt safe to speak of the atrocities that were committed against her and to tell the authorities.  Hopefully one day when Megan no longer lives with her father, she will once again remember and speak of the abuse.

Someday I hope Megan and I will have a relationship based on the truth, that we were both abused and tortured by Thomas Mulczynski, her father.  In the meantime, I am grateful that I am in contact with my daughter.  I love her very much.

I pray for all the children and adults who have the courage to come forth and speak of the emotional, physical, sexual, and sometimes spiritual abuse they have suffered.  I hope and pray that they are believed, especially by the experts.  I also keep the children and the parents in my thoughts and prayers who are suffering from unjust separations and the victims who are still being abused each and every day.

In the past several years of researching and networking with many individuals and organizations, I have learned that the problem of children not being believed when they speak of being abused by a parent is widespread.

Please take the time and effort to read the information contained in the following links.  There are also other helpful sites and resources listed under “Updated Links & References”.


http://www.leadershipcouncil.org/1/med/%20pr-2-09.html –  Dangers of Deprogramming Treatment (children)

http://www.leadershipcouncil.org/1/res/csa_myths.html –  Myths about child abuse



http://www.aafp.org/afp/20010301/883.html –  American Academy of Family Physicians

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